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Audition Information

Auditions are based off of the year long participation of a student in choir. Factors that will be considered in his/her placement include: attendance, behavior, participation at UIL and TMEA events, integrity, sight-reading ability, and musicianship. 

All current students will be auditioned by directors at the end of the school year. Auditions can include but are not limited to the assessment of:

  • Tonal Memory

  • Key Identification

  • Sight-reading

  • Vocalization and

  • Tone Production

Incoming students from the feeder programs will receive a vocal hearing in the Spring semester of their current school year. Students will be assessed on their: tonal memory, vocalization/tone production, and a small sight-reading excerpt. 

Incoming students of any grade level will need to schedule a vocal hearing audition with directors ASAP. Students will be assessed by the same measures as current choir students.

All students will be placed appropriately in their skill level class. Appeals, questions, comments, and concerns require a 48 hour wait from the time of the audition BEFORE contacting a director. The initial contact must take place with a director and the student first. If needed, then a family representative may intervene as well. 

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